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Report on the Development of China’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry
2011/1/7 13:21:48   Hits:

In 2009, financial crisis has large impact on China’s BPO market, the market has year-on-year decrease in first two quarters of 2009, but with economic gradual recovery, China’s outsourcing business is expected to continue to improve in 2010. Financial crisis drives enterprises to change thinking, outsourcing their non-core business have become effective way to save cost. After the attempts of outsourcing peripheral simple business, the key industry users with definite core ability gradually expand to more businesses, the market has transferred from single service to diversified and multi-level services…

In the face of changes and challenges of competition and the market, we releases 2009-2010 Annual Report on the Development of China's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry, which helps vendors, investors and industry insiders grasp more accurately laws governing the market's development and in combing the development track of application value:

Deep and accurate market research data: On the basis of in-depth research of leading vendors' key products, the report depicts the development of the market from the angle of product structure, regional structure, vertical structure, and parallel structure, and identifies development direction.

All-round and profound brand analysis: In addition to summing up enterprises' performance in the dimension of market segments, competitive strategy and SWOT analysis, our Consulting leverages its profound understanding of the IT market to establish a CPM matrix system consisting of 6 items and 31 sub-items, to review the makings of success in the marketplace. Vendors are divided into four quadrants including leaders and challengers.

Scientific and complete forecasts: Through regression modeling and expert verification in major market segments, it conducts correlation analysis with related industry links, to present valuable trend analysis and quantitative forecast result.

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